The Thoureil
Sunny days in Saumur and its surroundings

A gentle spring

The days are getting longer and nature is waking up, spring is the ideal time to take off and pack your bags in Destination Saumur Val de Loire. Let yourself be amazed by its charming landscapes and its gentle way of life that characterizes it so much.

Our selection of ideas

What to do in spring?

Spring is reborn, and with it, our desire to stroll! Farmers' markets, impromptu picnics, micro-adventures on foot or by bike, relaxing on a terrace or discovering villages... We offer you a spring bucket-list to experience the summer season intensely.

Short circuit & treats

Go to a local market

Take advantage of your spring getaway to savor local and seasonal products. What's better than strolling between the stalls of one of the destination's local markets? , the opportunity to favor the short circuit and taste local flavors. A delight !

Authentic atmosphere

Their vibrant atmosphere, between tempting scents and bursts of color, instantly transports you to the very essence of the region. Admire the colors, breathe in the delicious scents and chat with the passionate producers, they will happily share with you the story of each product.

Products from the region

From locally grown fruits and vegetables to artisanal cheeses, including the delights of local pastries, the markets highlight the diversity of local products. In spring, asparagus from the Loire Valley and strawberries gradually appear on the stalls, awakening your senses to the richness of the culinary heritage.

In short

The markets of Saumur and its surroundings promise you an unforgettable gourmet journey, where the terroir becomes the guide to your culinary discoveries. Embark on this taste adventure and let yourself be charmed by the magic of the local markets!

All our markets

Saumur Saturday market, Place Saint Pierre
The most beautiful areas

Have a bucolic picnic

Tablecloth, basket, local products... you are ready to take a gourmet break in a green setting. In spring, we reconnect with simple pleasures and have lunch with our feet in the grass, savoring local delicacies. At the water's edge or in the countryside, you will find the picnic area you need.

Little adventures

Walking with family

With the arrival of the summer, we can't deny the pleasure of being able to get some fresh air again. Several options are available to you for your outdoor family outing:

  • Take your tribe on a micro-adventure and follow our connected routes: treasure hunts or more classic city visits, the choice is yours!
  • Explore the trails of Destination Saumur Val de Loire with our easy hikes to do with children. The little ones are quite capable of covering several kilometers so we put on our hiking shoes, take a backpack into which we don't forget to slip a gourmet snack and off we go for the ride.
  • For cyclists, Saumur is not to be outdone. Crossed by several cycle routes, the region is perfectly explored by bicycle. Choose from our easy cycling tours and routes in the saddle!
Spring relaxation

Enjoy the terraces

With the sunny days, we are looking for the ideal spot to enjoy the sun. Whether it is a terrace with a breathtaking view of the Loire, a small corner of the countryside or a more exclusive place, our selection of the best terraces in the Saumur Val de Loire destination will meet all your expectations . To have a drink, enjoy a good meal or simply relax in the sun, find the terrace you need.

The most beautiful terraces

Stroll around Place Saint Pierre in Saumur
Exploration near Saumur

Stroll through a charming village

Spring is also an opportunity to get lost in the alleys of the destination's villages. Their thousand-year-old heritage, their architectural richness and their gentle way of life are available to you for a stroll. The song of birds accompanies each of your steps and the flowers bloom along the beautiful tufa or falun houses. Red valerian, Russian sage and hollyhocks color the paths for your greatest pleasure.

Overview of the most beautiful villages in Saumur Val de Loire...

Interactive Map

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