View of the Château de Saumur and its vineyards
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Are you still looking for reasons to choose Destination Saumur Val de Loire for your next stay? We offer you 10! From its unmissable Loire to its exceptional heritage, passing through its vast vineyards, its fascinating troglodyte world and much more... The destination has not finished surprising you, so let yourself be seduced by its gentle way of life that characterizes it so much.

1/ The Loire, its star


In all seasons, the Loire offers fascinating landscapes, where the imagination likes to wander. Serene beauty of a sunrise caressed by a veil of mist, astonishing shifting topography of the sandbanks, magic of the strings of islands where you land in canoe : everything invites you to peace and wonder.

Not so wild as that, the Loire is happy to be approached or flown over! Live the experience of a getaway on the water: aboard a traditional boat or choose another point of view while going up aboard a hot air balloon.

2/ Its majestic heritage

Castle of Montreuil-Bellay

Located in the heart of the valley of Castles of Loire, the Saumur region is an ideal and emblematic anchor point. Here, you will feel "like royalty"!

You will experience a medieval fortress, a royal abbey or a Renaissance palace, unmissable jewels of the Loire Valley.

Your architectural walks will guide you to more secret places: dolmens, menhirs, Gallo-Roman or Carolingian remains.

3/ Its user-friendliness

Anjou Vintage Bicycle

The territory beats to the rhythm of festive events. Immerse yourself in a warm atmosphere; good humor is contagious!

Festival, Gala, Grandes Tablées, Marathon or Carrousel and much more. Saumur Val de Loire a festive destination for a guaranteed atmosphere.

4/ Its troglodyte world

Here you will find one of the largest and richest troglodyte complexes in Europe, with more than 1200 kilometers of galleries!

Imagine literally fascinating underground cavities where you forget time and the hustle and bustle of the world.

Dug by man under the plains or in the slopes of the Loire, this mysterious universe, sometimes unsuspected, amazes young and old every time! Mushroom farms, cellars, accommodation solutions, Art Galeries, good restaurants etc : it is sometimes so good to live hidden…

5/ Its vineyard

Cuddled by the Loire, cultivated under a mild sky, the Saumur vineyards benefit from a generous and preserved nature. Tuffeau, this soft white stone from which the most beautiful monuments of the Loire Valley are built, imprints its identity on the terroir.

From this noble and sensitive material, passionate women and men have been perpetuating and reinventing the culture of wine for nearly 15 centuries. Today, Saumur and its region produce a wide range of world-renowned wines, with varied colors and types (white, red, rosé / sparkling, sweet, etc.), classified in 15 AOCs.

6/ Its equestrian tradition

For several centuries, Saumur has asserted itself as the world capital of horses. From the military tradition to the equestrian art now at work, classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco, the prestige and passion remain intact. All the ingredients are there to win over riders or horse-riding lovers: equestrian structures of quality, a pleasant setting conducive to horse riding, sculptures or equestrian plaques scattered around the city… not to mention the high-level shows given by the Cadre noir of Saumur.

The Black Frame of Saumur
The Black Frame of Saumur
The Black Frame of Saumur
The Black Frame of Saumur

7/ Its gastronomy


At the table of Saumurois: paradise for gourmets!

Renowned for its art of living, the Saumur region abounds in typical products and emblematic recipes. Ancestral or innovative, sweet or savory, alcoholic or not, our specialties all have a story to tell!

Let yourself be surprised by our gourmet destination! Fouées, Somersaults, Tapped Apples, Wines and Liqueurs…. So many specialties for good times to share


8/ Its parks and gardens

In the Loire Valley listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Saumur is distinguished by an exceptional architectural heritage placed in a natural setting which is no less so. Gardens, educational farms, tamed nature offers an explosion of colors, shapes and scents, to the rhythm of the seasons. More exotic, the visit of the Bioparc of Doué-la-Fontaine takes you on a journey to all continents to discover, in a maze of falun and luxuriant vegetation, endangered animal species.

The Paths of the Rose

9/ Its many trails & discovery circuits

By bike, Strolling along or on horseback the hidden treasures are gently revealed... Hundreds of kilometers of cycle paths and hiking and horse-riding routes are available to those who wish to stroll, pedal, walk, wander...

From the majestic banks of the Loire to the peaks of the hills, passing through stops in the troglodyte cellars, there is so much to see along the way!

10/ His nature activities

At the heart of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Nature Park and the Loire Valley listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, Saumur is distinguished by an exceptional architectural heritage set in a natural setting that is no less so. Saumur Val de Loire offers a wide range of activities to do with family or friends: river trips, canoeing , balloon flight, scooter or, segway, all means are good to enjoy these magical landscapes!

Path in the trees
Hot Air Balloon Sensations
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