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Saumur Voltige

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From 28 to 31 March 2024

The Equestrian Committee invites you to the 35th edition of the Saumur Voltige in the Grand Manège at the IFCE – Cadre Noir de Saumur. An appointment not to be missed !

Saumur Voltige

The Saumur Voltige event is an international equestrian aerobatics competition which takes place every year in Saumur.

Equestrian vaulting is a discipline which consists of acrobatic exercises performed on the back of a moving horse.

It mixes emotions, dance and spectacle. It is not only a high-level sporting competition, but also a breathtakingly fascinating spectacle for the public, which attracts equestrian sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

This event highlights the talent of the vaulters as well as the complicity between man and horse.

This 35th edition of Saumur Voltige promises to be full of emotions and promises you to experience unforgettable sporting moments!

The Official International Aerobatic Competition, event by event

An official international aerobatic competition takes place in two rounds. Only the 12 best individual men and the 20 best individual women from the first round are selected to participate in the second. The lengther must put the horse at a working gallop, on a circle of at least 13 meters in diameter. Since 1997, under the combined pressure of the FEI, France and Germany, the horse's rating has taken on more and more importance. Today, 2 of the 6 judges focus solely on the performance of the horse and the length, which represents approximately 30% of the final score.

Individual competition

The senior event, open from 14 years old and with no age limit. In each event, there is a women's classification and a men's classification. The individual events include four programs: – a compulsory program with no time limit, performed once in the first round – a one-minute technical program, performed only in the final – a one-minute free program, performed once in each sleeve.

Team competition

The team competition is mixed. A team consists of seven outfielders. In senior teams there is no age limit. The team events include three programs: – a 6-minute compulsory program – a 4-minute free program, performed once in each round Each of the seven vaulters must perform all the compulsory figures and at least one of the exercises in the free program.


Each program takes place to music chosen by the vaulter(s).

Mandatory program : 1.entry; 2.base; 3. standard; 4.mill; 5.front and rear scissors; 6.standing;

Technical program : this program is rated on the quality of the compulsory technical figures, the originality with which they are introduced and highlighted (composition), its mastery and its connection with the horse (execution). The five technical figures allow you to appreciate the relaxation, coordination, flexibility, balance and strength of the vaulter.

Free program : he is generally the most appreciated by spectators, because he is often impressive. It is in this program that the aerialist can best express strong emotion, share a personal story with the spectators by giving free rein to his imagination, and thus establish direct and interactive contact with the public. This program must reflect the abilities of the vaulter and his body control, always in harmony with the locomotion of the horse. Each static exercise must be held for at least 3 canter strides to be counted. This program is rated based on its degree of difficulty, composition and execution. As a team, the program includes figures with one, two or three vaulters.


The complete program can be found and downloaded on the Equestrian Committee website.

Pratical information

From Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 March 2024.

Grand Manège des Ecuyers – IFCE – Saumur Black Frame
170 avenue du Cadre noir, 49400 Saumur
49400 Saumur


Without reservation.


Saumur Equestrian Committee Organizer

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