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Saumur Complete

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Verrie Racecourse
From 24 to April 28 2024

An international sporting and cultural event, Saumur Complet is the last qualification in France for the Olympic Eventing Equestrian Games. The future champion will perhaps be among the CCI4* competitors!

What is Saumur Complet?

The Concours International Saumur Complet, which takes place at the Verrie racecourse, is an internationally renowned equestrian event that attracts riders and spectators from all over the world. It is held annually and includes dressage, cross-country and show jumping events.

Saumur Complete...

The user manual

The Eventing Horse Riding Competition is a discipline similar to the triathlon.

In fact, the discipline is made up of three events:

Dressage : The rider and his horse perform a series of around twenty figures imposed by a program called “retest” on a rectangular field measuring 60m by 20m. They will be evaluated by a jury who will rate each figure out of 10 based on the ease and fluidity of the movements performed.

The cross : This test is specific to eventing. This is a fixed and natural obstacle course in the countryside. The horse and rider will therefore have to jump obstacles of different profiles on varied terrain (water (called ford), plain, woods, etc.) over a long distance at a sustained pace. The combination of fixed obstacles and high speed guarantees a spectacular but difficult event involving risks for both the rider and the horse.

Show jumping : The couple must overcome a dozen moving obstacles without dropping any bars and without stopping in front of an obstacle. This last test is put in place to assess the freshness of the horse after the cross (a tired horse will be more easily led to make mistakes or refuse an obstacle).

The horses in this discipline must therefore be attentive, frank and enduring in order to be able to perform well during the three events.

The final ranking is given by the total points obtained following these three tests: the dressage score added to the number of penalty points obtained during the cross (horse's refusal to face the obstacle, exceeding the maximum time allowed) and show jumping (fall of a bar, refusal, exceeding the maximum time allowed). If the rider falls during one of the events, he is eliminated and will not be able to participate in the other events. The couple with the lowest total points wins.


International competition

During international competitions, the events take place over several days. Given the difficulty required of the couples during the tests, two veterinary visits are carried out during the competition: the first before the first test (dressage) in order to ensure that the horse's general condition allows it to compete at such a level. , and a second after the cross to ensure that the horse is not injured and is not too tired to perform the third and final test (show jumping).

  Acronyms to know

CCE : Eventing Horse Riding Competition
CCI : International Eventing
1*, 2*, 3*, 4* : The number of stars indicates the level of the international event (1* being the lowest at the international level and 5* being the highest level)
S and L : S means short and L means long, this is an indication of the distance of the cross-country event. A short CCI therefore has a shorter cross than a long CCI. Also, in so-called “short” events, Cross Country and Show Jumping can be run on the same day.

Saumur Complet - Bigot Jean-Lou uses the haulage

Saumur Complete...

The meeting of Olympic champions!

This return of the CCI4*-L is all the more symbolic in this Olympic year. Indeed, Saumur Complet is the last French qualifying competition for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Remember… German rider Julia Krajewski won her entry ticket to Tokyo in Saumur in 2021 by winning her event, a few months later she was crowned Olympic Champion with her faithful Amande de B'Neville. If we had to cite just one other: Astier Nicolas, Olympic Team Champion in Rio in 2016, also shone in 2022 in Saumur by winning the CCI4*-L masterfully at the helm of Alertamalib' Gold. Saumur Complet truly welcomes the elite of the discipline, here in Saumur.


A course leader who is also Olympic

Who says Olympic year, says Olympic track manager! For the first time, Pierre Le Goupil, who has been appointed as course manager for Paris 2024, is designing the cross-country course for the 4* in Saumur. The expert also brilliantly designed the course for the European Eventing Championships last summer, at the Haras national du Pin.


A site labeled “Terre de Jeux”

Eager to promote equestrian sports but also the sporting values ​​of the Olympic Games, a “Terre de Jeux” event is offered on Saturday April 27 from 11 a.m. to 17 p.m. The opportunity for visitors to try five Olympic and Paralympic sports including: basketball, fencing, sports shooting, hockey, archery and even tennis. The intention is to bring the emotions of sport and the Games to as many people as possible at the heart of the Verrie site, itself labeled “Terre de Jeux”.

Without forgetting the Great Air exhibition who surprises you with his unexpected works. Numerous activities for all ages await you, an exhibitor village and concerts also enhance the program of this high-level event.

Find the detailed program Saumur Complete.

Pratical information

From Thursday April 24 to Sunday April 28, 2024.

Verrie Racecourse.

Free access.

Without reservation.

Saumur Equestrian Committee

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