Fishing in ponds and rivers near Saumur

SAUMUR AND ITS REGION - Are you a fishing enthusiast? Do you want to take advantage of your holidays to discover an activity in contact with nature? Do you simply want to pass on to your children (or grandchildren) the simple joys of a fishing trip? The region of Saumur offers the fisherman, experienced or beginner, many possibilities to practice fishing in fresh waters.


The fishing card

To have the right to fish, you must acquire a fishing license issued by an Approved Association for Fishing and the Protection of the Aquatic Environment (AAPPMA). The purchase of this card is used in particular to finance actions to protect the aquatic environment and fish resources.
In Maine-et-Loire, the purchase of a fishing license gives the right to fish on all waterways and bodies of water in the public domain of the department. To fish in the private domain, the fisherman must also have the authorization of the owner-resident.

Fishing licenses adapted to the needs and practices of each
Most fishing licenses are valid for one year. These are the “Adult Person” (€77), “Interfederal” (€100), “Discovery for Women” (€35), “Under 18” (€20,50) and “Child Discovery” cards for less 12 years old (€6).
If you do not have an annual card, you can go fishing during your holidays by buying a "Weekly" card valid for 7 consecutive days (€33), or a "Daily" card (€10,70) .

Where to buy your fishing license?
Fishing licenses can be purchased online at or at a dealer (fishing tackle store, bar-tabac, etc.).
The Saumur Val de Loire Tourist Office also issues fishing permits at its reception offices in Saumur, Montsoreau, Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, Montreuil-Bellay and Gennes-Val-de-Loire.


Fishing in the river

The Loire (2nd category)
Species encountered: Shads - Pike - Carp - Whitefish - Zander - Catfish - Mullet (in summer)
The last wild river in Europe, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Loire is the main artery of Saumur. Appreciated for its fish wealth, it will allow fishermen to try their hand at around forty species: pike, pike-perch, perch, carp, mullet… but also bleak, roach and gudgeon which form the basis of a good fried Loire! On board or by boat, the most athletic can confront catfish and asp, two fish renowned for their combativeness.

Le Thouet (2nd category)
Species encountered: Black Bass - Pike - Zander - Carp - White
The Thouet has its source in Deux-Sèvres, near Secondigny. It crosses the south of Saumur over 32 km and flows into the Loire at Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent (Saumur). By the diversity of its populations, the Thouet allows the practice of all fishing techniques. In the Montreuil-Bellay sector, its population of black bass will attract enthusiasts of this species. Pike-perch and white fish will also make it possible to carry out beautiful fishing trips.

The Authion (2nd category)
Species encountered: Pike – Carp – Whitefish – Zander – Catfish
The Authion is born from the confluence of two streams, Le Lane and Le Changeon, on the border of the departments of Indre-et-Loire and Maine-et-Loire. It then flows parallel to the Loire for 61 km to its confluence at Ponts-de-Cé. At the end of the 1970s, the Authion underwent major hydraulic works to allow the irrigation of its fertile valley (market gardening, horticulture, seeds, etc.). This river will satisfy fishermen from all backgrounds with its varied fish population: carp, white fish, predators, but also some fine specimens of catfish.

Fishing in ponds

The Joreau pond in Gennes
Species encountered: Black Bass - Pike - Carp - White
In the heart of the Joreau forest in Gennes, this 6 hectare body of water will allow you to practice many techniques on board, including carp fishing at night. In this pond, fishing is practiced in "no-kill" (all fish caught must be returned to the water).
Download the fishing regulations at the Joreau pond.


The Louisière pond in Mouliherne
Species encountered: Pike - White - Tench
Located in the town of Mouliherne, this 3 ha body of water will allow you to come and fish for pike, perch, roach, rudd and tench as a family. In order to relax at the edge of the water, tables, games for children are at your disposal. Fishing accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Other communal ponds
These bodies of water, often fitted out as a leisure base, are the ideal place to enjoy moments of relaxation with the family. Fishing is authorized there during specific periods and it is necessary to buy a fishing license from the town hall or from the fishing warden present on site.
Several communal ponds in the Saumur region are open to fishing: the Loges pond in La Breille-les-Pins, the Distré pond, the Épieds pond, the Grézillé pond, the water of the Dronière in Louerre, the pond of the Marais in Rou-Marson, the inter-municipal pond of Vernantes/Vernoil and the body of water of the Monteaux in Vivy.

Trout fishing

The department of Maine-et-Loire has few "trout rivers", that is to say 1st category rivers. In the Saumur region, however, enthusiasts can tease trout in the Riverolle in Mouliherne or in the Avort stream in Gennes (by purchasing a card from the "La Truite Gennoise" association). The Moulin de l'Air fish farm in Brain-sur-Allonnes also offers a course in the Loges stream and has a landscaped pond (picnic table, barbecue) for family and fun fishing. trout.
Useful information :
- Trout fishing in Riverolle - AAPPMA Les Gaules du Lathan - President: Béatrice Brard, tel. 06 89 03 90 53.
- Trout fishing in the Avort – Association La Truite Gennoise – Fishing licenses on sale at the Café de la Paix in Gennes, tel. 02 41 38 06 37.
- Moulin de L'Air fish farm - 49650 Brain-sur-Allonnes – Contact: Philippe Bourreau, tel. 02 41 52 80 22

Know the regulations well

Fishing can start 1/2 hour before sunrise and can continue until 1/2 hour after sunset. Any fish caught outside of these times must be released.

Carp fishing at night is possible in sectors defined by prefectural decree.


The opening periods of the fishing are conditioned by the classification of the river as well as by the type of fish sought.
- In 1st category rivers, fishing is authorized from the 2nd Saturday in March to the 3rd Sunday in September.
- In the 2nd category rivers, fishing is authorized all year round, except for predators (pike, zander, black-bass). The ban on predator fishing, generally from the end of January to the beginning of May, is intended to allow the reproduction of these species.

Yellow eel fishing is authorized from April 1 to August 31.


Some species have legal capture sizes. Any fish smaller than this size must be released.
- Pike: 60 cm
- Zander: 50 cm
- Black bass: 30 cm
- Trout (rainbow and fario): 23 cm (limited to 6 trout per day)
- Shade: 30 cm
- Mule: 20 cm
- River lamprey: 20 cm
- Sea lamprey: 40 cm
- Shads: 30 cm
Attention ! There is a daily quota for predators (pike and zander). Catches are limited to 3 predators (including a maximum of 2 pike) per day and per fisherman.


In the 50 meters downstream from the end of these structures, fishing is authorized with a single line (including casting), EXCEPT from March 1 to May 31 or in the event of a permanent prohibition indicated by a sign.


It is forbidden to fish (all species, all techniques) in certain areas called fishing reserves. There are two types of reserve:
- specific reservations: fishing is prohibited from March 1 to May 31 inclusive.
- annual reserves: fishing is prohibited all year round.
This prohibition is materialized by signs on the bank.


Fishing for protected species such as salmon and silver eel is prohibited.
Sunfish, catfish, American crayfish and red swamp crayfish are likely to create biological imbalances. These undesirable species must not be released or transported alive.
It is forbidden to use as bait (alive, dead or in pieces): fish species whose size is regulated, protected species as well as undesirable species. It is also forbidden to fish with all or part of eel.
It is forbidden to transport live carp over 60 cm (under penalty of heavy fines and confiscation of the equipment).
Finally, remember that an amateur fisherman does not have the right to sell the product of his catch.

In addition to compliance with the regulations, certain rules of good citizenship are strongly recommended.

Learn to fish with Nature Fishing Workshops

The Nature Fishing Workshops (APN) are intended to initiate beginner fishermen, while making them aware of respect for aquatic environments. Led by volunteers from local fishing associations, the Maine-et-Loire APNs welcome children aged 8 to 18 and adults. There are two Nature Fishing Workshops in Saumur:

In Saumur:
AAPPMA Roseau Saumurois
Manager: Jack Morin, tel. 06 84 34 84 24
Type of fishing taught: coarse fishing - predator - feeder.
Period of activity: from February to October.
The Le Roseau Saumurois fishing association can also organize days or half-days of initiation to fishing and discovery of aquatic environments for families (from April to early September).

In Longue-Jumelles:
AAPPMA The Gauls of Lathan
Manager: Jean-Michel Grellier, tel. 02 41 52 75 64
Type of fishing taught: still fishing – predator.
Period of activity: from January to October.

fishing workshop

Stay in a Fishing Accommodation in Saumur Val de Loire!

Labeled hosts who have undertaken this quality approach* assure you:

  • proximity to a fishing spot of certain interest for fishing as well as good environmental quality
  • an opening of their accommodation during the fishing period (6 months minimum)
  • provision of a specific secure premises, a water point and means of preserving live bait.


* Individual approach at the initiative of the owners. Label awarded by the Maine-et-Loire Federation for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment, in collaboration with Anjou Tourisme.


Labeled accommodation

Pratical information

The Fishing Federation of Maine-et-Loire publishes a FISHING GUIDE every year, available in all the TOURIST OFFICES in the department.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact:
Tel. 02 41 87 57 09


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