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In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions that we receive at the counter, by email or by telephone. We will regularly update this page to make it as exhaustive as possible, and thus help you to better stay in Saumur Val de Loire.

The Cadre Noir can be visited from Monday afternoon to Saturday morning inclusive during the opening period of the site, but is not open on Saturday afternoons or Sundays. Exceptions made for gala weekends, during which time slots are also offered on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

No, the Cadre Noir is located within the French Institute of Horse and Riding in Saint-Hilaire-Saint-Florent, avenue de l'Ecole Nationale d'Equitation, 4,5 km from the city center of Saumur.

The Cadre Noir is the teaching body of this institute, which trains and perfects senior equestrian executives. 

Cultivated, instructed by the teachings of the great masters of horse riding, the riders of the Cadre Noir actively contribute to the maintenance and influence of French horse riding by illustrating and transmitting its principles, during public presentations in France and abroad. foreigner.


The Ecole de Cavalerie - or rather Ecole d'Application de l'Arme Armorée Cavalerie - is the Military School of Saumur, located in town, avenue du Maréchal Foch. This school cannot be visited, with the exception of the Hôtel du Commandement during Heritage Days. On the other hand, near the Cavalry School, it is possible to visit the Cavalry Museum, which traces the history of the French Cavalry from 1445, the date of the creation of the Compagnies d'Ordinance by Charles VII, until nowadays.

Swimming in the Loire has been strictly prohibited since 1969, due to its dangerousness and unstable currents:

On its banks, the existence of "soft sands", hiding under the feet of walkers, and the collapse of "dead ends", also very fragile sand escarpments, require increased attention.

In the water, the numerous works of art, dams and locks present all along the river contribute to creating a changing current, seemingly calm but often tumultuous.

In addition, the ARS Pays de la Loire site points to dangerous water at the health level, with infectious risks. The presence of cyanobacteria is particularly singled out. Certain wild animals can also bring with them water-borne diseases, such as leptospirosis.

Finally, the strandings of green algae on certain coasts of the river, producing harmful toxic gases, do not encourage swimming.

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